Broesj for the first time in a ‘real’ shop

It’s a historical day. Broesj is for the first time for sale in a ‘real’ shop. Yeah! Check out this first snap shot, took by the shop owner herself. Do you see the brooches (and my business cards?) hanging on a thread? I really like what they have done. It is inspired on my brooch-display I made for shops to use.

I saw some other photographs, the shop looks amazing. I would love to go there someday, but for now I’m unfortunately to busy to drop by in Groningen (it’s quit far from Amsterdam).

If you want to check out the shop, you should go there!, you can go to:
Flat Iron
Gelkingestraat 48, Groningen

YES de broches van Broesj zijn voor het eerst te koop in een echte ‘stenen’ winkel. Hoe gaaf is dat? Deze snap shot stuurde Kim, het is haar winkel, mij op omdat ik zó nieuwsgierig naar de broches in de winkel was. Gaaf he? Nu nog de tijd vinden om zelf snel af te reizen naar Groningen en de winkel te gaan bekijken.



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