Broesj at Best Kept Secret Festival market!

Whoe! Best Kept Secret 2014 and Broesj were a perfect match.

This weekend I went to Hilvarenbeek, together with Annelies. We were part of the Etsy market. So for three full days, we enjoyed music, very good food and spread the brooch-love.

Setting up day 1!
broesj-bestkeptsecret9Preparing some Broesj-cards

broesj-bestkeptsecret2Our neighbors from WOW for you provided us with coffee in the cutest cup ever.


Our view, we had a perfect view on the MainStage and the lovely booth from Ik stempel :-)

broesj-bestkeptsecret15-krantenkapperLook! De Krantenkapper made a tattoo station. How awesome is this!?

And tada! Here is the entire booth. And me behind it, like a proud mamma ;-) broesj-bestkeptsecret10

(look at the dust! Crazy.)


Thank you so much Annelies for coming along and helping me. Also thanks to my mom, for organizing the brooches, helping me with groceries and for getting the table cloth… Well, the list keeps on going.
This was a bit crazy, since I was overwhelmed with work last week. Without these I would be nowhere! (Actually three ladies. My sister was involved as well. She happened to have a car we could use… Oh yes that was handy as well ;-))

and last but certainly not least: No festival without a ‘blokkenschema’ (festival program). We found brooches that would match the bands’ name perfect:


broesj-bestkeptsecret4    This picture says it all: Brooches, fun and ‘work’! Yeah!

3 thoughts on “Broesj at Best Kept Secret Festival market!

  1. Gooo, super Broesie! :D Dat tattoo station van de Krantenkapper ziet er inderdaad tof uit zeg. Volgend jaar weer dus?

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