Brandt & Levie Sausage Workshop aka Worstshop


This weekend my sister, friends and I attended the Brandt&Levie workshop aka Worstshop. Not a regular DIY art workshop, but a sausage making workshop! The guys of Brandt&Levie are real craftsmen. Inspired by their 7 month journey to Italy they decided that they would make fantastic sausages in a proper way.

Brandt Levie Ingredienten
So, the workshop. After a tour trough their workplace and get an insight in the sausage-making process we started. First we made a selection of the herbs we were gonna use. We decided to include a bit of Whisky as well, to give it a special kind of flavor.

Brandt Levie Worst Workshop

We carefully weighed all the herbs to create perfect balance.

Brandt Levie Worst Workshop overview

The oldskool machines were waiting for us to use them.
making of a sausage

After we decided on our extra ingredients and mixed these herbs, made our meat ready we started. It was actually difficult to learn! But eventually we had some feeling for it and ended up with proper sausages. Jee!

brandt levie workshop

At the end of the afternoon we had a delicious lunch with of course Brandt&Levie’s sausages and some perfect salads. Lovely!

So, try some Brandt&Levie sausages if you get the chance. They sell them on several spots here in Amsterdam, for example Marqt. And I could really recommend a workshop. The next on is on 11 July. Go Brandt&Levie!


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