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The Traveling Vintage Item

I loveeee to find packages in my mailbox. And this weekend there was one, yes! Nicely wrapped in with my favorite twine. But wait, there was a small envelop on top! This made me smile. Saskia, one of my Twitter friends, is always telling the most hilarious stories about confetti on Twitter. This may sound a bit weird but you have to imagine a random tweet about a meal/day/feeling/whatever and then Sas will tweet :*throws confetti in the air” So when I opened the small envelop, you may guess it: there was CONFETTI :) In there […]

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Perfect Place: Barnini / Antwerp

Me and my lovely friend Meta went to Antwerp for a weekend. What started off as a rainy weekend became a great relaxing sunny mini-holiday. Can’t wait to go again! Meta luckily new the best place for breakfast. It’s called Barnini. When visiting the market on sunday you HAVE TO go there and eat breakfast. And drink one coffee. Or two… Where to find it? Oudevaartplaats 10 Antwerpen 2000 Belgium Last picture I got from Barnini’s Facebook Page.

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Lovelies: Cat Pimmetje

Meet our cat, Pimmetje. He is such a old sweetheart. Check his collar: He has a strawberry bell. (I am wearing my mom’s sweater here, love it).                            


Packaging the first wholesale order

Recently I got a super nice e-mail from a shop in Groningen. They wanted to sell my brooches! WOW that was such a nice message to receive. So on a rainy monday I packaged twenty brooches to be shipped to Groningen. On monday’s I sometime work at home, so the packiging took place in the living room. What a mess ;) I included a small envelop with some business cards. As Sas always says ‘the more confetti the better’. So I decorated the envelop with some small confetti (stickers). Fun!

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The List: Blog Inc.

This book is definitely in the top 5 for on my Christmas-wishlist (Yes I have started The List). And what about the über-cute trailer? Amazing.

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Lovelies: Bread

One of my cravings is bread. There is nothing better then go to the bakery (when you are kind of hungry) and buy a freshly baked bread. Then go home and prepare your sandwiches but eat fresh slices immediately. When I was a kid, me and my parents went bread-shopping and the baker didn’t close down the bag with freshly baked bread so I could eat a slice. Or when we bought a baguette I ate the top.