BBB14: 3 tips to boost business

It was just a bit quiet around here on the blog. But today I had a Business Bites and Bubbles (seminar) day. I visited BBB14, organized by MamaMarketing.
A whole day filled with workshops, seminars and meeting like-minded web shop entrepreneurs. It was great fun!

Vintage Flower brooch

I wore a bright brooch so people would recognize me.

It was nice to see my friends again, meet new business ladies and learn new skills.
To take immediate action, I thought: Let’s blog and not wait any longer until that perfect subject/idea/photo comes along. No, let’s make it happen!

Top 3 things I learned

1. If you do something, do it right! Make a strategy, have SMART-goals.

2. Get a niche! If people would like to buy cake, they would not like to buy a sweater as well. You don’t have to please everyone in the whole wide world.

3. Do what you love! If you breath, eat and sleep your brand / product / vision, it will work out. Just be patient!


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  1. Wat had ik daar graag bij willen zijn! Lijkt me superinspirerend :)

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