Babsie-Broesj-FotoHi there!

My name is Babette. In my spare time, I’m an avid brooch collector and an Etsy seller. I love to go to flea markets, drink Earl Grey tea in the morning, and organize themed dinner parties. I accompanied my mom to flea markets since I could walk, and my love for old treasures grew. From jewelry to bags to dresses, I’ve been collecting them all. In 2011, I started my first online business called Broesj, where I sold the brooches I didn’t wear anymore. Additionally, I have my own allotment in a community garden, where I passionately cultivate vegetables and nurture flowers.


I’m Dutch. In the Netherlands a brooch is pronounced as ‘brosj’. While I was fantasizing about starting my own online shop I came up with the name ‘broesj’. It has something from ‘broche’ and ‘brooch’ in it and sounds a bit like ‘babushka’ (the mistaken name for the Russian dolls, they are called Matryoshka pop. A babushka is a headscarf).

Find the vintage brooches at Broesj.


Recently I started my second Etsy shop. Here I sell my beloved vintage pull down charts. Variating from a botanical chart to a smaller handwriting chart.
For a while I’ve loved them and bought every single one I saw. When my collection grew immensely (no better excuse then to buy them all for My future Etsy shop, right?!) I decided to sell some.

Find Mapsj online at Etsy.